Umair this is so true, thanks for posting, but a key point I think you missed is the economics of staying at home.

People have to be paid enough to stay at home.

The pattern emerging seems to be that “Richer” countries are less inclined to pay the poorest enough to stay home.

And yet we can see money paid for that purpose, free money, is exactly that, it is free. There is no immediate negative consequence to the value of the currency, in fact it goes up!

Of course the question of where it will all come from in the end has to be asked, but there is a very simple answer.

It has to come from the free source of wealth, the sun.

Why not issue free money in credit towards 100% utilisation of free solar energy? That makes infinitely more sense than money issued as debt, as it currently is.

That would enable a new super-economy, that can be likened to wealth being “Pumped” like blood flow through a body, rather than trickled down, as if the body had no heart, or was dead.

The money printing processes can be likened to a heart which has just started beating.

It is amazing how much easier it is to model and simulate such a dynamic system, with all pipes filled, and continuously pumped under pressure, rather than a static system of half filled pipes, where all wealth/fluid flow is by gravity flow, following accidental leaks and intermittent releases, as it had been to date.

Instead of lamenting a gold standard, we should really be pursuing a free energy standard, and starting to crank the handle on the free money pump towards that end, like crazy.


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