Umair, there is another possibility of distraction or excuse that he could use, to win in classic dictator style, which you have not mentioned explicitly.

But by insidious, repeated reference, you could even be encouraging the possibility that he might achieve such an ambition, by declaring war on a perceived “other”.

All that would be needed, for that unspeakable possibility to become reality, is for it to seem reasonable in the eyes of the US public, as it might be if they can continue to be brainwashed into believing that Russia, or some other party is somehow responsible for their woes.

Of course Mr Trump has no allies, not Russia, nor anyone else.

If he thought he could gain support by declaring war on Russia, or someone else, of course he would, just like Hitler did before.

Why, do you keep, consistently, always referring to Russia, as some kind of malevolent force, when clearly, they are not?

As I see it, all you are doing is increasing the chances of another world war, and yet surely you know the world cannot afford another war.

Right now, the Nation with by far the largest armory the world has ever seen, is facing being at the epicentre of the greatest economic melt-down ever, as maybe a direct result of the bulk of their wealth being invested in that armory, which is mostly unused.

By “used”, I mean in any way that returns a profit, like as when someone ‘s wealth is taken, in the classic colonialist, slaver business model.

The last thing that we need right now, is for them to somehow become convinced that any good can come of their armory actually being put into action.

I hope you agree, that would be a very bad outcome, for all of us, including you.

Instead, the best thing Trump might do right now is offer to melt down their armory, rather than melting down the world.

Everyone else might just do the same in return.

That would be the real vote-winner, and if he won by that, he would deserve it.

Melted armory has at least some value in scrap.

There is no value at all in a melted world.


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