Umair thanks for posting, even if it is grim news, and no surprise to some of us.

To me, the scene unfolding is bigger than anything seen before, much bigger even than can be recovered using the usual economics of scarcity which are wielded universally by aggressive minorities, to control the population of the world.

Like I saw someone else point out, the economy of debt was maybe a useful bootstrapping mechanism to launch technology.

But after that was done, it should have been dropped, since it has inherent structural anti-humanitarian problems including colonialism and slavery, and even anti-technology problems, but yet it is still the only mode of economy used until now.

Those problems were mostly hidden from the view of ordinary people due to us being necessarily immersed in the ideologies of greed to survive ourselves, we couldn’t see any alternative, far less what any benefits might be associated.

Covid was just the proverbial straw that broke the back of the camel.

The blindness to that reality is obviously still true to some extent, but seems to be changing, with the ideas of free money starting to be understood.

People who have spent their lives investing are understandably last to see this truth.

As you say, there is a window of opportunity, for things to be done before it is too late.

I would go much further than just basic income though.

To be sure, basic income alone is a kind of expense, which keeps folk alive, but ultimately unsustainable.

Real magic starts to happen when people have enough money to not only put food on their tables, and keep a roof overhead, but also to have a margin of disposable income they can use to invest in the things they believe are important.

The things folk know are important have nothing much to do with what makes profit, but what adds value to humanity.

That is real freedom and democracy.

And it is the thing that props up the market value of the dollar relative to other currencies.

It should be given without restrictions or conditions, just like the sun empowers all nature with energy, asking for nothing in return.

I just hope the window of opportunity is not lost.


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