Umair thanks for posting.

It seems clear that we are following America pretty much step for step, just one step behind, although we had a first wave of covid before they did, we are now adopting their approach, partial, “whack-a-mole” lockdowns.

As to the economy, I am completely with you that no-one seems to have worked out yet that the ideas of debt are what is actually collapsing, but for me it does not mean the disability of any economy to function, only the death of the old one.

I believe that the UK and US are uniquely poised to create and lead the way towards a new economic system, which is able to generate the massive value needed for rapid recovery, which you’ve identified, and even also the understanding of collaboration that you also identified in your linked story at the end of your article.

It is based on the observation that the expected market effects on the values of the currencies which have been involved in the biggest stimulus packages, has been somewhat the opposite of what would be expected by conventional economics, i.e. their market values went up, not down, despite conventional economics dictating they must go down, by dilution of capital. That hasn’t happened.

What actually happened was wealth creation from thin air, according to conventional economics.

We literally created free money.

The explanation of the mechanisms at work, affecting even our ideas of democracy, with truly democratic voting transferring to stocks and currency markets is in my feature story so I wont repeat here, but we are seeing something new, enabled by the internet, and the presence of cryptocurrencies, which were not there even in 2008.

To get it, we simply need to demand the free money, and keep demanding it.

With that given, all other things fall into place, including even free power.


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