Umair it is good you seem to be changing tack, from doom and gloom, to perhaps seeing a way forward towards optimism. Thanks for posting.

But I think you might be giving the idea of existential humanism a little too much credit, and are maybe underestimating the power, indeed, the requirement, for faith.

Things like quantum physics should have taught us that there is absolutely no need for certainty in anything, to be able to proceed.

But for certain; proceeding without certainty requires faith.

Faith must come before certainty.

Faith leads to certainty.

We know from history there have been many false assertions, when we thought we had certainty, but the truth is, we didn’t.

In hindsight, we call those times the dark ages.

The term “Enlightenment”, used to mark a milestone of new knowledge, seems a little arrogant to me.

It implies that we need proceed no further along the path of faith.

Why should we have to, if we are already in the light?

We need only look at the current problems and what lead to them, to realise we are not so enlightened, after all.

I think the biggest mistake we can make at any time, is to ignore the path to certainty, that is faith.


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