Umair I quite like that term you’ve coined there, “Eudaimoniaarchitect”, definitely deserves a capital E, and fifty claps.

Like you say, creating new organisational structures that do not collapse back again into the same old same old, might seem a challenge.

But… this will be easily conquered by a form of Ai which is not designed for profit, but for humanity, and which works with the input of crowd power to give absolute fine-grained democracy.

Your Eudaimoniaarchitect is an Ai.

In that new organisation, all people have an input to, and receive a performance related reward from all responsibilities, where performance and value themselves are also defined by the wisdom of the crowd.

The rate at which such the new societal structure grows in simulation to encompass all human activity might surprise. It is a hyperobject, in which network effects amplify all parameters of propagation, like an inverse virus. Instead of killing folk, it saves folk, even in the presence of an actual physical virus like covid.


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