Umair for sure enforced sterilisation is not good, and must be stopped.

But I do not agree we are at a dead end.

To me it looks more like a crossroad, with two roads leading off; one to the dead end, and the other to something really cool, in time even for us and our kids to enjoy.

We are starting to realise the thing that has affected us like a drug for pretty much all of our known history.

One might argue we needed that drug to survive the challenges we had earlier in our history.

But now it is something we can see will be fatal, if we can’t kick it.

It is the basic drive for all of us to profit at the expense of all others. Now we are starting to see this is just a thinly disguised cannibalism, which is actually very damaging also to our environment in the later stages.

The zero-sum economy is a visible reminder that this how we work.

But now we have the means to switch from feeding on one another, to generating wealth as one, adding this to the world, and creating a new open-ended economy which rewards everyone for doing so.

Conventional economists might argue this physically impossible, but they neglect the fact that we already have effectively limitless wealth being input to our world from the sun.

Watch what happens when free money is injected.

Note how previously bankrupted companies by the old zero-sum system are maintained, by free money.

Why are people investing in those companies?

Because they like them, they don’t want to lose those “unprofitable” products and services.

With free money, all companies, and even all governments via their fiat currencies can be voted on, by all people.

What do you think about that as a conventional economist?

Will you surprise by providing a response?

Honestly it does make us feel much better when we can see a solution.

I wish you all the best in any case. You have a good heart, don’t lose it!


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