Umair I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you’ve written this story.

That you seem to have did it in January (was Gamestop really that long ago?), and it seems to have had already much applause and many responses, and the platform somehow hid it from me, one of your longest standing fans, though we haven’t always agreed on everything, doesn’t matter, I am overjoyed you are saying what you are saying, I hope you still are standing by it.

I agree completely all things must have an income.

They mostly already do!

Their economy is sunlight.

The problem is we’ve aways fed off of our planet, and one another, taking no account of the fact it all came from the sun.

We’ve used money-as-debt to do that, since we’ve had money.

Now, by the technology of Bitcoin, there is the phenomenon of money-as-sunlight.

It actually exists, and it actually has value, it is validated by an authority much bigger than any bank, and as we can see, huge amounts of money-as-debt are being exchanged for it, in a trend which has steadily increased throughout its 13 year history, driving the creation of several countries worth of solar energy infrastructure.

Tracing everything through takes us to the conclusion that everything done at profit removes a certain amount of energy from our planet, energy that was given to it by the sun for free.

So all human debt is actually an energy debt to our planet.

It is only right that all human debt needs to be assigned to our planet as an iou, that can only be paid back down by money-as-sunlight.

The banks could do this tomorrow, knowing that the single endeavour from that point onwards, for all humanity, a humanity finally united, would be to pursue completion of the remaing solar infrastructure needed to power ourselves completely from the sun.

We are already past the point where cost, and efficiency have any meaning, the funds for further expansion are already there, from the expansion made in 13 years of Bitcoin adoption.

Now, we can ditch oil, all plastics, and adopt hydrogen to flow in all pipelines and fuel all combustion engines, money really is no object.

The final piece in the jigsaw is a distributed cryptocurrency mechanism to create and assign money-as-sunlight, a fixed number of tokens every day, the same number for all people, to give all our very own individual currencies automatically included in the markets, for all to donate towards, by exchanging for some of their own, thus assuring real meritocracy and finely grained democracy, with no forces of profit at work, and no fear of bankruptcy or scarcity enforcement, other than that we might bring on ourselves by poor behaviour in the eyes of “The hive”.


It is happening!

Thanks for posting dude, I hope you and family are keeping well.

I’ve missed seeing your stories lately, and the creations of your family.

From now on, I will be seeking them out.


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