Umair first I read and applaud to the max a beautiful story you wrote in November about the universe having a soul and everything within it living in harmony, except us, and how in nature we never see anything like the greed and mass conquest that characerises us humans, it is so obviously at odds with nature.

Then you write this dismal story of economic woe and disaster to betide anyone who would dare to wish to break free of the mass austerity machine that is now the EU. All of the things you predict might well happen. But if they do, it will be because you, and people like you, are saying they will, over and over again.

Nothing is more sensitive to hearsay than the value of a fiat currency. I think you know that. It is not the way it should be, but the way it is, for now, until things change.

This Brexit thing, that nobody in the financial establishment expected, is happening. Like it or not, democracy, which ironically started in Greece, has spoken. We will not derail it again.

We remember Greece being punished with financial violence by the greater EU. We all saw that, but it does not scare us, just makes us stronger.

You lament the state of things, but then when you see the people on the ground actually doing what is in their power to make change, you cry foul.

Which is it to be Dude? Carry on with the status quo and keep whinging, or get on and do something about it?

For that matter, might you really just be the financial establishment wearing a mask?


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