UK Business Banks are not following claimed UK government directives

An account of evidence of at least one UK Business Bank Delinquency during the coronavirus crisis.

We listened to Alok Sharma, the UK Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, announcing the latest news and government directives around the COVID-19 virus a few minutes ago.

A particular, very deliberate statement made me sit up immediately, and log into my Metro business bank account.

“It would be completely unacceptable, if any banks were unfairly refusing funds to good businesses experiencing financial difficulties”


Surprise, surprise.

My Metro business Bank account, for my limited company, REMMI Ltd. with earnings of mine amounting to £12,956.18, earned entirely whilst contracting for UK defence companies, are still frozen, as they have been since 16th December, leaving me firstly stranded without funds in Cuba, and now still requiring to claim Universal Credit in UK to eat and keep my roof.

Is my company a “Good Business”?

If working in Cuba, that country who are now so inspirational in fighting COVID-19, including with direct assistance to both UK, and US, with my own efforts to develop new high technology business, towards ongoing PhD studies in UK, per UK-Cuba trade directives counts, as good business, then… YES.

Shouldn’t it?


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