There are some pretty awesome graphics of things unexplained out there.

What do you see in the clip below?


As well as the obvious, huge, three blue discs, appearing to travel through the clouds in a similar direction as the plane from which the footage was taken, there appears later in the minute or so footage also something else, which comes in on an apparent intercept, something that looks like a swarm of other, perhaps conventional aircraft.

Fake or not, who knows. But if it is a fake, it is very well done.

But if it isn’t a fake, how come we haven’t heard more about it?

Anyways, for whatever reason, I do find a lot of stuff in my feeds on UFOs.

So here is my take;

Extraterrestrial aliens of various kinds exist, of that I am certain.

My grandparents had first hand accounts of a sighting they and a number of other people witnessed in their hometown, in 1938. They personally each told me about that, and I know both my grandparents were highly intelligent, sane people, so have no reason to doubt them.

Grandad was an avid sci-fi fan, perhaps as a result of his experience, amassing a considerable collection of books.

I was quickly infected, spending a lot of my time with my grandparents, and becoming well and truly read-up on Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Bradbury, and a number of others, by the time I was about 12.

Consequently, working in and around all things related, especially as an Engineer, has always been exciting for me.

So I’ve lived, slept and breathed “Sci-fi” my entire life. It is still my favourite form of movie, whenever I am coerced into sitting down to watch something on TV other than news or a documentary. Yep, I am a real anorak, in that respect.

Having spent a lifetime thinking about sci-fi and science, I have a set of beliefs that fit into pretty much everything I ever read, which didn’t immediately leap out to me as impossible.

Graham Hancock, Erik von Danniken, Christopher Knight, Rupert Sheldrake, Semir Osmanagić, and even Nikola Tesla, are all people who seem to me to have been treated unfairly by the conventional scientific community.

I believe there are elements of truth in much of what they claimed. “There is no smoke without fire”, as some would say.

I’ve been to Giza and examined the pyramids in detail, as an Engineer in modern aerospace, and I can state with 100% certainty, they were built with unknown technology.

Add to those things what I’ve learned about economics, religion, morality, “Proper” science and Engineering, and I have a pretty clear idea, at least in my mind, how the universe actually works.

Conventional science is profit driven, no doubt about that.

The drive for profit appears to distort the thinking of even the brightest of people, as far as I can see.

Now we are seeing the limitations of that, though the madness is continuing in the latest form; multiple stories of competing profit-driven entities towards a covid vaccine.

Something very indicative I heard a researcher in the field say in a discussion program this evening, in their expert opinion, “Covid will always be with us”.

Hmmm, yes, that would be the perfect outcome for the business case of profit driven vaccines, for sure.

But, the illness can be completely eliminated by a simple, proper, one-off lockdown.

If everyone is isolated longer than the illness can survive in any one person, then that is where it would end.

China proved it by demonstration.

We in the West not only ignored that demonstration, but have since distorted the truth of it, driven completely by profit.

We also don’t read or write much about China currently rolling out their own vaccine, a program which began vaccinating months ago.

You might have noticed I write a lot about free money.

With free money, we could simply pay everyone to behave, and stay at home.

People can’t be expected to behave, if they are literally starving from staying at home.

Further, in general, all criminals can be paid to behave.

Criminality is simply an illegal mode of business. Recently we’ve seen all manner of smudgings of the line supposedly separating those two. What they have in common, are that they are universally profit driven.

Everyone really does have a price.

A fair price is free money, which can, and absolutely has to be funded by the free energy of the sun, in a new economy of infinite donation, sourced from the sun.

Free money is priceless, as it is infinite… hey ho, who cares, as long as it works.

Now, back to UFOs, religion, and science;

It makes perfect sense to me that we had technologies in our history which are long lost, due to the track-covering effects of making profit.

It makes perfect sense that all of the beings we read about, and hear about, in most of the religious texts, and words of mouth, actually existed, with various “Supernatural” capabilities.

They were aliens, and others closely descended from aliens, as far as my logic can work out.

It follows that we are a production of theirs, descended from their very DNA, as indicated by the apparent domestication which appears evident in our DNA, according to DNA researchers, comparing it with other domesticated and non-domesticated creatures.

Following it through, I believe we are indeed part of one or more experiments, as has been muted by various public figures such as Elon Musk, and arguably lesser known Nick Bostrom, though they would probably never dare to say so with any certainty in public.

So logically, now and then, the experimenters will drop by to see how the experiment is going.

I certainly would if I were them, wouldn’t you?

Now, if we believe that higher technologies existed, we should also kind of dig into the possible reasons for them no longer being around, shouldn’t we?

When I do that, I come to the conclusion that profit is a relatively recent phenomenon.

The relationships between various levels of ancient Egyptian “Royalty”, and their various helpers, described as “Bodyguards”, and “Concubines”, is alleged by the modern profit driven world to be one of slavery, since there are no records of funds for wages changing hands, and slavery is the only conclusion we can come to, if we believe profit seeking is the only valid activity in life, right?

Perhaps it arrived with the introduction of a particular kind of gene, added to the humanity experiment.

That seems ever more likely, the more we try to influence those folk who are more heavily invested in the business of profit.

It must be in our genes, there is no other explanation for the apparent blindness to reality we see, of how existentially damaging that severely handicapped mode of “Civilisation” actually is.

If this is the case, the unfortunate civilisations that existed before introduction of such a rogue gene would have been wiped out, or otherwise enslaved, in very short order.

They would have been completely defenceless, not even understanding that they were being annihilated, as they would have been just as blind to the logic of killing our fellow humans, as we seem to be, to any mode of operation other than seeking profit.

Now, looking again at the nature of the business of profit, we can see that it is not possible to benefit all humans by way of profit, by definition, some humans, probably a large number, have to be “losers”, for a few others to “win”.

That has some very deep implications when we get close to companies having anything like worldwide monopolies.

They can’t survive once they get beyond a particular size; they absolutely must begin to cannibalise themselves.

The same thing goes for any country wishing to dominate all others.

A global kingdom is simply not possible, run by any particular “Authority”.

What is absolutely possible though, is a global, decentralised, non-profit community, with all people aligned towards receiving and distributing rewards from the sun.

Such as we would naturally become, after the avalanche of free money is started.

It could be that the rogue gene naturally mutates out, and we simply need to allow that to happen.

I trust that it absolutely will, as I know I’ve gone from rogue, to non-rogue myself, in my lifetime.

And there is no alternative, the only other option is extinction, very soon.

One day I will air some demons and tell more of the story of those, from my distant history, when the time is right, since I don’t believe Armageddon is our destiny.

Suffice to say if I can get rid of the rogue, anyone can.

Is it possible to refine one’s own genes by pure mindpower?

Of course it is, I believe.

So, back to the Aliens again;

They cannot be profit driven.

If spacecraft exist, and I am sure they do, they are not driven by profit.

As I’ve said before, Elon might be doing a grand job reusing those old rockets, but it is hardly progress.

At the end of the day, the best that can be hoped for in a controlled scarcity zero-sum economy, is to keep convincing shareholders bigger and grander things are coming along, all whilst running up yet more unsustainable shareholder debt.

Some time, we need to tap into the real source of wealth in our universe, the sun.

Aliens will not have any single beings in charge, working “giving or taking orders” in any kind of hierarchy we might identify with, from our experience, severely limited by being profit driven, as far as I can work out.

There can be no such thing, as the romantic idea of a “Captain”, in a real alien starship enterprise.

If they did that, they would be extinct, just like we will be, if we can’t change soon, like in the next few months or so.

It follows that the societies in whichever homelands from which aliens come, will not be run in any such way either.

They will be completely decentralised, with every individual having similar capabilities of maximising whatever value their particular character is suited to maximising, living from the energies donated by their local sun.

There is more I could say on this front, but it might sound extremely racist, to those who try to insist they are not racist, driven by profit.

Suffice to say I love all races, perhaps some different from mine even more than my own.

Best to end this muse about here, until next time, I think.



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