Tyler your goodwill is obvious and laudable here, thanks for posting. I am sure you are not alone in this view. But for me your appeal is a little misplaced.

I would argue technology is just the vehicle we use to travel along the previously unknown path of “Progress”. The trouble is we appear to have been going downhill recently, when we should always be going up. We have taken the wrong path.

Abandoning the car might be an option, but surely it would be much better if we could just turn it back up the hill.

The point at which we took the wrong turn was when we changed direction from upwards, always adding value to the world (whilst perhaps also making a profit), to downwards, removing value from the world (just striving to make profit).

We can get some clues as to when this was by removing profit from our considerations, and observing which activities have added value to the world, and which have not.

When we do this, it seems clear we have been using the wrong parameters to measure the progress of our technological vehicle. Profit is no measure of value added. No one is enriched in any way if making profit results in value being removed from the world.

To turn back up the hill, still using our vehicle of technology, we need to create new systems for the sole purpose of adding value to the world, rather than for just making profit.

We should recognise the value of work that has already been done in this area, in the form of non-profit distributed ledger technology communities, and build our new systems on those.

I would urge technologists not to throw the wealth of their hard earned experience and expertise away chasing new careers in politics or law.

Those things are already ruined by corruption resulting from profit-at-all-cost activities, so are in the path of being swallowed up by non-profit value adding technology. It is not the technologists who should be considering changing career. Far better to carry on progressing technology, but to change from working on systems designed only to make profit, to working on democratic systems designed to add value to the world.

A good place to start, is in the area of distributed ledger technology.


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