Thanks for posting, for sure something that should never be forgotten, or twisted.

Two of my favourite films were IP man I and II, with Donny Yen, the second one gives us a glimpse into a little of the horrors China experienced at the hands of Japan, just before the second world war. Not on the scale you’ve written about though, which is truly horrendous.

Sadly we can see much of the same inhumane mindset surfacing again, if not this time from Japan, it seems similar in nature.

Have you noticed it comes out when money starts to run out?

As long as profit is a thing, shifting wealth always towards the already wealthy, it seems inevitable there must always be an endlessly repeating cycle of war-peace-war (cull-prosper-cull), together with continuously worsening ecological damage.

That is why profit has to stop.

Because we can’t afford another war, neither us nor our planet.

To stop it, scarcity must be eliminated.

With now significant solar energy being put to use minting Bitcoins, there is physical proof that at last we are starting to accept genuinely valuable money from the sun, and that this turns an awful lot of what we thought we knew, completely on its head.

Even the Bitcoin investors themselves seem to have missed this basic but most fundamental fact.

That is infinitely accumulating and ever expanding wealth added to the human economy from an outside extra-terrestrial source, for the first time in known history, completely breaking the Earth-exclusive, zero-sum economic model.

Now we are getting money from an off-world grand donor, it is only right that free money, lots of it, is issued to all people.

When we do that, the murderous animal, self-preserving, territorial instincts of all people are removed, I believe.

(And people will actually stay in when asked)

That is something actually happening, which I hope reassures you that this time, it isn’t going to end in war, but the opposite.


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