Translating your terms into the ones in the proposal:

The public good is that which is added to the planet, as evaluated by the collective, increasing its value for all, reflecting directly in the perceived value of the total stock of all personal tokens.

The individual good is that which is added to the individual, an equal opportunity, just as the sun shines equally on all people, to add value to oneself, at no cost to any other, reflected by the total value of one’s own token stock.

The tokens spent by an individual, assuming always resulting in a valuable outcome, will boost the value of tokens still being received by the individual, and thus their ongoing income.

So an individual can choose to invest, or to save, to add value to themselves, but investing vastly increases one’s chances of rapidly gaining wealth, where that wealth is a function of public evaluation. Why save, if one’s income is assured forever.

No contradiction there, so all good.

I abhor twitter and how it works, so won’t be going there, other than to make a very occasional share, but thanks for the offer, I wish you well.


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