Towards A New Future, A New Immersively Networked Society

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An account of Changing from Working for Profit

What was

I’ve never really been much for networking. I’ve just worked on the premise that my expertise would always get me the work I’ve always needed.

That has worked just fine for the last 20 or so years, and could probably work for another 20, if I might be lucky enough to stay fit that long. I’ve added to my professional skills and experience variously as an employee of various profit making entities, and as a director of my own profit making companies, working at the cutting edge in many technical capacities, learning as each need arose, adding more qualifications, titles, and generally succeeding to the top of my Profession.

Aside from maintaining a good profile on Linkedin, which I see as a sort of online cross-referenced CV, I had mostly avoided social media. I was “Too busy working”. To busy in fact, to make or retain friends, and in some cases, even family. A time for change has been cooking for a while.

What Is

Lately, I’ve even been lucky enough to be able to make, and manage slightly more money than I needed to live on, for the first time in my life. So I’ve had a little more time to get into some more social things like Salsa, Facebook, meeting people of different cultures, and some trips to places I’ve always felt mattered. I’ve even managed to squeeze in studying part time over the past year for a self-proposed, effectively self funded PhD Research Project, though my time management there continues to be touch and go.

Most importantly, those activities really opened my eyes to the direction things are going in. I’ve gradually come to realise that Community Working is the future, probably for all of us. In this new world, there will be ample opportunities for everyone to make a good living, carrying out activities which are difficult to define as work or play. And it is driven by technology; networking technology.

Around a month ago, during an extended break from generating income, allowing me some quality time to carry out research including some trips abroad, I came to some conclusions after realising a fundamental connection between the technology of my own research, and that of others in related academic and industrial Communities.

The conclusions are as follows:

  1. The related technology Communities, together with the work of my own research, are actually each potential pieces of a much larger Composite Community.
  2. This new Composite Community will eventually become the entire planet. It will enable all people to virtually visit all other people of the planet. It will enable them to see one another, and to interact with one another, as individuals, or as collectives, at any time, in whichever setting the visited party chooses to be, depending on the privacy settings of the visited party. The benefits to the Community will be like everyone having their own teleport, enabling them to visit anyone else, whenever the visited party is open to being visited. In addition, a whole host of new enriching social and wealth making Use Cases, changing society forever, for the better. No more wars. This is nothing short of the ultimate immersive future of social media, leading to Utopia.
  3. Such a Community is only possible if it is Community driven, i.e. not for profit. This is comes from analysis of one of the key component technologies, crypto-currencies. It is simply not possible, and cannot happen driven by profit making entities.
  4. I have to make the leap myself from working for profit to create the Composite Community myself, or at least an initial seed for it.

I am aware that there are a few other individuals who arrived at least at conclusion (2) by their own avenues of research, around the summer of 2017.

This was a few months before I came to it myself as a relative outsider a few months later. I am grateful to them for being bold enough to air that seemingly fantastic vision, and will always acknowledge and provide links to those articles, but perhaps their courses are set on other paths by existing commitments, hence perhaps the reason we have not yet seen any proposals for a rigorous system solution based on (3).

What will be

On reaching conclusion (4), I thought, how hard can setting up the new community seed be? We are already living in a new networked world aren’t we? All I should have to do is set up a not for profit company, and use my ample Systems Engineering skills to carry out a Stakeholder Analysis to identify the key folks in each Community, get connected on all of the social media channels, present my undeniable case of Utopian working together, and declare the new Community, right?

Not quite. Setting up the new not for profit company was easy, but there is the issue of establishing communications with the key stakeholders. Although they can be very visible in various media, successful people are necessarily almost uncontactable. The last thing they need are countless interruptions and distractions from irrelevant parties, probably mostly looking to profit from them. So they have to deliberately make it very difficult for anyone outside of their existing networks to contact them. I know this instinctively, because as I said earlier, I’ve been that uncontactable person myself for such a long time. To some extent, I still am. I still often miss emails, texts, and all forms of contact from various sometimes important folks that might arrive when I am busy, intent on completing something else, or maybe sleeping.

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So in general, to date, I have so far not been able to get any real engagement with any of the good folks in the diagram above, who I would identify as the initial main stakeholders. I have faith that will change soon. If you can see yourself there, or an organisation you might represent and can correspond on behalf of, the sooner we can connect the better.

The lesson I’ve learned since beginning to try to create a non-profit development Community, and the message I am hoping to communicate to readers, is that causes such as this have to be elevated into the limelight, to come to the attention of the main Stakeholders, as well as to the crowd of the community. Hence my recent articles around other activities including on a White Paper and basic code definition of a rigorous system / business solution, based on conclusion (3). The White Paper is for an ICO style utility Token Sale fundraiser which interested folks can read more about in my article on that subject.

Update: 17/01/2018, Contacts starting to build up now. I won’t say who at this early stage, just thanks for reaching out. I am looking forward to working with you.


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