Too true Mike, thanks for posting.

We can see conventional profit driven business is in big trouble, no longer able to keep expanding as necessary to keep profiting and thus absorbing people, with inevitable progress of automation, it is now shedding people at increasing pace.

So more and more are finding themselves without work, and our current standard mentality is to consider those folks as less valuable than they used to be, when they were in conventional employment.

Some might have noticed that with stimulus, those good folks actually turn out to be highly valuable, by trading in free markets, with free money, they are in fact donating, rather than investing.

Hence the reason we saw things like shares in bankrupt companies like Hertz, and some of the cruise shipping companies soaring, and oil prices going negative.

Those people donating were indicating what truly has value to humanity, and what does not, rather than which things were most likely to make profit.

In other words, they chose to fund things of real human value, rather than profit.

That was a very profound result, maybe the first time we glimpsed the possibility of a completely new, much better world, based on donating rather than investing.

But it opened up all kinds of questions as to how such a new, infinitely sourced donation economy could work.

Conventional economists, investors, bankers, and anyone invested in the profit driven system might ask who or what could possibly fund it all.

To answer that question, it helps to realise it is the way nature works; the sun, the only source of energy, the same energy that catalyses all creation in our local universe, for all time, donates it all for free.

Then we also notice money equates directly to energy and matter, so of course the perfect source is solar energy.

To those who might then try to argue solar is not an efficient enough source of energy to be practical, we can respond by pointing out that the efficiency does not matter, as it is infinitely scaleable, solar power implemented on a planetary scale is never ending, with the energy itself essentially free, therefore it will overcome all deficits of energy and wealth, which are all finite, sooner or later.

Of course that also automatically remedies the problems of ongoing fossil fuels consumption.

So the question might be asked, how do we go about implementing this?

The answer is simply to keep handing out the free money, the details of which will take care of themselves, with all things of real human value being automatically allocated appropriate funding via the markets, even things which do not exist yet, but that we know should.

The details of operation are things like chalking up all expenditure of free money to a global energy deficit, directly equated to the total non-solar energy consumption of humans to date, and setting an appropriate free money rate of issue, using the evidence from Bitcoin, an earlier form of free (non debt based) money, the price of which peaked in 2018, it was not the price that was important, more the rate of issue, which yielded the highest values paid by the market, under the prevailing conditions.

And that is about it, in a nutshell.

If I was to die tomorrow, I will die happy knowing that I have finally arrived at a place where I am able to express the essence of this analysis in a few paragraphs, as above, but it has been a long path, about six years in the making, including PhD research (Uncompleted), and around 1600 posts in Medium, some of them very long.

Sorry for it being so long!


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