Tomm, thanks for your reply with well-meaning recommendation, I agree with you completely, we should all make sure we are well researched.

Five minutes research on me might have revealed to you that I am not the type to comment on a subject with zero existing knowledge. Of course we are already aware of the standard US narrative on the subject.

I was actually already a fan of Morales, having researched him a little more since seeing his speech at the UN in 2019. He was a hero of indigineous peoples around the world, and that surely can’t be a bad thing.

On the background of the Bolivia fiasco, my recommended reference would be this Al Jazeera article, which we saw fresh when it was broadcast on a standard UK TV channel:

My understanding is that your authorities in US have cancelled Al Jazeera, as well as even the UN, so you might not have heard any other sides of the story.

Truth is so much more compelling than lies can ever be. I guess that is why there seems to be such a concerted attack on it, by certain parties.

Who to trust, like you say is a decision only we can make ourselves.

All the best for the future, friend.


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