Tom you have provided no evidence to support your assertion.

I have shown why the logic of the article is fatally flawed on one simple count.

I have provided much evidence and analysis in my own many articles in Medium, to show the real source of not only this problem, but pretty much all the problems of humanity.

It all comes down to one simple thing.

Human colonial greed.

That is what gaslights all people into ignoring that the Earth is powered by infinite energy, and into believing they have no value, and that they are somehow a burden on an infinitely powered Earth.

The sun is the most obviuous evidence that things are not as you assert.

There is no scarcity, given the sun.

Sorry if you have made sacrifices on that mistaken principle, but there is only a problem as long as folk such as yourself say that there is.

Your view is the unnatural limit of humanity, the same view that perpetuates human suffering, and environmental pollution.

Implementing solar power becomes a simple exercise of Engineering after we get rid of that flawed mentality.


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