Tom, of course exponential increase of waste etc is unsustainable, but maybe you are missing a point that those trends depend on an assumption that the old system of economy of scarcity will continue.

It is already in the process of collapsing, as we all knew it had to.

Now, we are moving into new, more collaborative modes of society and business with things like free money.

The outcome of that, if it is not somehow derailed by capitalists, is that we will become rewarded for adding value to our environment, and humanity, instead of for profit driven business which generally detracts from it.

That changes everything.

There can never be any such thing as too many people working to do good.

With this new, non profit mode of business, no project in favour of humanity is too big, everything is put right.

We should be confident that a world population in control of its own expansion, doing good like this, will know naturally when to ease off multiplying.


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