Tom, I interpret the article as an attempt to justify and even promote non-religious, profit-seeking, ego-charged thinking, using what is an incredibly profound concept which actually has huge positive implications, linking science and religion together.

To give an idea how wrong the analogies there are, consider the screens in the library example. Anyone familiar with PC hardware would know a whole mainframe is often within the screen, so we see a lack of knowledge there at least.

Assuming everyone religious characterises “god” as “he”, or even an individual, again exposes lack of knowledge.

I could go on, but I think you understand.

I would have liked to discuss the article also with the author, but I get the impression he takes a dim view of folk spending any time thinking about things like this (“harrassment”), yet he takes the time to write the article, so… it is what it is :)

Like he says, his main driver is “what will he get out of it”.

But I am grateful that he puts us onto a very valuable concept, which I hadn’t heard before myself, even if he might be completely missing the point.


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