Time to Grow up and Stop Playing with Fire

Time to stop wasting time, and lives, risking all of the future.

Frederick Bott
5 min readSep 8, 2021


Earth and sun are a system.

The sun supplies and has supplied all energy on Earth, for all time.

For all of nature, that energy has been adequate, until we came along (Humanity).

As we became more technological, we started to use money to represent the capital of Earth, all of which is stored energy of various kinds, created from sunlight.

As we got cleverer, we started to “Generate power”, selling it at profit using the capital gearchain of money. By processing some types of the stored energy of Earth, releasing that stored energy built up over millions of years, we obtain relatively short, intense bursts, using that power to build and maintain what we call “Industry”.

Now, our industry requires continuous energy at that level to sustain it.

But a side effect of converting the stored power of Earth is pollution, both of heat, and chemical waste.

Now as a direct result of that pollution we are experiencing increased frequency of climate disasters including floods, hurricanes, and an entirely new phenomenon; heat domes.

We are literally beginning to burn on our planet.

As combustion is one of the processes we use to convert the stored energy of Earth to the live energy we need for industry, the combustion occuring naturally as a result of heat domes adds to the overall effect, giving an obvious runaway characteristic.

Further, the material being burned is what generates the oxygen in the air we breathe.

And oxygen itself is consumed by combustion.

An old party piece, is to show how all of the liquid on a plate can be sucked up into an upturned glass, by cleverly floating a match, head-up, on the surface of the liquid, igniting the head of the match, and quickly placing the glass over to enclose the flaring match, sealed in by the liquid. Then we see not only all of the liquid immediately sucked into the glass, but also bubbles of air being sucked in under the rim of the glass, all round, until the match flame is extinguished.

It is quite an eye-opener, to realise how quickly and voraciously fire consumes oxygen.

If we push it too far, then we too will burn, literally, the burning will not stop, but will accelerate, consuming all oxygen, and all life on Earth.

There exists a temperature flash point, and it is much lower than most folks realise.

We are getting close to it now, as we see green forestry in heat domes now spontaneously igniting, even in places like Siberia, where previously there was only permafrost.

At the root of the problem is money and how we use it to represent capital, which is stored energy.

Billions of this kind of money are used to venture-fund things like nuclear fusion.

All whilst the natural nuclear fusion reactor of the sun that we are trying to emulate, irradiates our planet daily with thousands of times more energy than we can possibly use, even with all of our modern industry.

No-one has been able to show that the gravity of the sun does not require more energy than the fusion reaction it contains, to be sustained.

Surprise, surprise.

How can it be sane, to think we can replicate the action of the sun, when we don’t even see the sun as anything valuable, the real thing of value, producing all of the energy and wealth we know and worship as capital?

We might as well try to replicate or create God, in a box.

In other words, by non-profit physics, profitable fusion is impossible; a dream, floated to catch a little of the greed of billionaires, just like many things we see lately, the promise of interplanetary travel to Mars being yet another.

Of course we outstripped our capacity to put solar energy to use for all industry. Arguably, we didn’t always have the technology to put it to full use (Disregarding the power schemes devised by Nicholai Tesla), but we absolutely do now.

The truth appears to be that we are blinded by profit.

We do not seem to be able to see the real value in genuine live energy, from the single source of it, extraterrestrial to our planet, the sun, because it has nothing to do with profit.

It is donated to us for free.

All of nature donates things for free, except us.

We are so screwed up in our heads we even conjure up whole “Green” Industries, and the idea of energy being somehow renewable, with circular economy, pretending, or even believing we are fixing the problem, at profit, creating whole new sciences and languages to support the idea that the problem can be fixed at profit.

“Carbon Neutral”

Does anyone even know what that means? It is a nonsensical term, even laughable, if the consequences were not so serious.

Please, would-be respondents, spare yourself, and me the disservice of trying to explain it. I have to own up to cutting my teeth as a hardware Engineer in the Electrical Utility industry a long time ago, and becoming a former patentee myself in energy processing technology (Switched mode power supplies — planar transformers).

Carbon-neutral means nothing, just more smoke and mirrors to disguise the same old profit-driven Grand Energy Ponzi.

Technically, fixing the problem is simply a matter of increasing our solar power infrastructure to gather enough solar power, to power all of humanity.

As a still practicing Systems Engineer of now almost thirty years experience, I know there is no technical hurdle to implementing full solar infrastructure as a world grid, not even requiring harmful lithium batteries.

The main barrier to investment towards that goal seems to be return on investment.

Of course there is still friction between regional governments, but if the profitable business case was there, to show a better deal would be had by switching from oil to solar, the billionaires would be chipping in, and we would be building in no time.

However, the rub is that profit is not the way to do things, really big things, that is.

It just can’t be done at profit.

It took me a part-done PhD to realise that, but it finally did sink in, after about 55 years of being pretty much fully profit driven myself.

For profits to be made, there have to be losers.

Profit requires enforceable scarcity.

Profit requires human misery, best of all if the losers just die and we never hear them complain.

We’ve already seen it start to play out with the Covid vaccines fiasco.

Idiotic or not?

Who can be the losers, in the saving of humanity?

So it can’t be done at profit, at least not in the conventional sense.

However, as I wrote in my piece about Bitcoin as a Kardashev Hinge, there is now the phenomenon of money as sunlight, which is replacing money as debt.

So maybe now we just need to sit back, and watch as the shit-show plays out, and hope no-one starts a war, because if that happens, everybody loses.


A war would be to our planet, as the flaring match-head in the glass, in the party trick demo of how all oxygen is consumed by fire.