Though I agree with your general message, that there should be no requirement in civilisation for begging, and indeed, crowdfunding sites are just more capitalism, I bristled a little when you said the quote above. I can only guess it is based on lack of research, because you normally have such good vision.

On much research, it seems clear to me and many others that the internet is the key to the future of democracy. This is demonstrated by the robustness of decentralised distributed communities, like many of the non-profit crypto-communities (not to be confused with crowdfunding sites).

Though there are many imposters, and despite intensive campaigns by countless predatory establishments to sabotage them, non-profit crypto communities are proving unstoppable, driven by pure crowd power.

As the long term instigator of a non-profit crypto-eco system in concept myself (VRENAR), I’ve witnessed first-hand some of the dirty tricks used by the most “reputable” well known entities to try to sabotage these schemes. It is clear they are viewed as a threat, which is surely proof of their validity.

They are inherently immune to the forces of predatory capitalism, and monopolising for profit. By these new internet mechanisms, everyone (The crowd), is regaining control of technology itself, as well as their personal data, finances, media, democracy, freedom, and pretty much everything.

Interestingly, the only daily TV media channel with anything good to say about crypto-currencies here in the UK appears to be RT, who include them in several daily financial news broadcasts, much to the annoyance of our establishments.

Folks carried away by the latest wave of Russophobia have been successfully distracted from giving any time at all to channels like RT, in fear of somehow becoming brainwashed, so will largely carry on in complete ignorance of this exciting new technology for the moment.

Despite all that, the more independently minded crowd of the meek really are inheriting the Earth.


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