As said already, I like the article, but “products that could be sold for crypto-UBI.” does not make sense. UBI or the capability of UBP are surely not things that can be sold, or profit made from. Hence the reason I would say there is no place for profit seeking entities in either of them.

The only valid incentive for an individual pursuing implementation of a crypto-UBP project is to gain the prospects it offers as an individual, the same as anyone else, lifelong financial security, also for one’s friends and family, and for everyone else on the planet.

The incentive for Business to also seek implementation of it, perhaps offering funding and technical support, is to gain a massive new market of consumers seeking new products with their newly acquired wealth. Even Banks should still see this as positive, as they will have new business customers seeking conventional funding for setting up manufacture of said new products, to be sold at profit.


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