This wry observation reminds of another from a writer of satire, that satire is becoming reality, and is therefore becoming worthless, thanks for posting.

I too look for ways to distract from the unreality of reality, finding myself avoiding pretty much all kinds of social media, most of the time, except this platform.

It seems there never really was a reality, it was always an unreality, and what we are seeing now is a transition, which will end in reality, which will turn out to be actually very beautiful.

I find virtual worlds pretty cool, offering the environment to create our own realities, no-one trying to shape our thoughts other than the odd troll, easily ejected.

Virtual worlds seem to me a little like virtual versions of the physical bunkers of preppers, a sanctuary we built to retreat to, to regain and maintain some sanity, when that seems all but lost in the real world.

Most curious, is there seem to be more wearing masks there than in the real world!

I am confident one day we’ll emerge to a whole new world, a much better world.


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