This was a significant effort, hard work is always something to be admired.

But I didn’t read it, as it appears an attempt to influence the way I think, which is exactly the kind of thing you seem to be trying to warn against, thanks for that.

A simple rule always helps to recognise what has value, and what doesn’t; Metcalfe’s law; in essence it says the more information propagated, the higher the value of the network.

When some parts of the network try to shut others down, by misinformation, smear, cancellation, or whatever means, we have to interpretet that as something likely to reduce the value of the network to us in terms of human utility, therefore not beneficial to us.

Value has nothing to do with the profits made by the owners if any, of the network, but the utility presented to us as users.

It is up to each of us as individuals to decide for ourselves what is and is not real information, but most importantly, not cancelling for others to make their own analysis.

That means recognising fake news when we see ît, leaving it alone for others to analyse, and moving onto real news.

We are actually getting really good at it.

Practice makes perfect.


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