This is pretty shocking language and reasoning that even made me question my own relationship with my own daughter.

I am not surprised a lawyers response is to congratulate for opening up a new dialogue. I bet a few mouths will be watering at the possibilities of litigation that could open up from this kind of reasoning.

There have been times when I will freely admit that as my only child, and the one person I care for more than anyone else in the world, I have depended on my daughter for emotional support.

Like when my Mum passed away. Because though my daughter was still a child, she handled it better than I could.

So there, am I guilty of something bad?

I have never knowingly put her down, and would not dream of hurting her in any way.

There seems much here that could be used to misinterpret normal healthy family love.

Isn’t analysis at this depth into family relationships a little harmful? It seems difficult to imagine acceptable family boundaries using this kind of reasoning as anything more than clinical. Wouldn’t that also be a harmful environment in which to bring up a child?

What do Dads do that is so different from what Mums do?

It seems little wonder we are becoming increasingly isolated from one another with these kinds of stories being obviously so popular.

Sorry if that sounds harshly critical, and I do sympathise with you if you feel you have personally experienced trauma from your relationship with your father.

I do not blame anyone personally, only the zero sum system that makes this kind of argument somewhat lucrative, and therefore somehow “Right”.


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