This is an interesting piece, seemingly well researched. Shame it appears anti technology, which, given what you wrote, is illogical.
What is apparent is that you lament the loss of oil, claiming it to be "The best source of energy", and otherwise writing of it lovingly, referring to it affectionately as "The black stuff".
Yet on the other hand you acknowledge it took millions of years of sunlight to create it.
There is only one source of energy, it is sunlight, but you refer to oil as a source of energy, the best source of energy.
That is like saying KFC is a source of chicken, the best source of chicken.
If KFC had become the only outlet left, from whom we could obtain chicken, and we found out that it wasn't the consumption of chicken itself that was harmful to us, but the consumption of chicken from KFC, and that one day, all KFC chicken would run out anyway, would you recommend we carry on eating KFC chicken, but just less often, to ensure we consumed all possible KFC chicken anyway?
I guess you might if you were KFC.
That would be the only way the most fundamental part of your argument would make any sense, it seems to me.

Your profile indicates you have a younger child.

I do too, though mine is a little older, 18.

She and her friends all agree with me that the world we are offering to them, as things stand, isn’t that great.

Not many of us are in any position to fund them through university without them having to sign their lives away in student debt.

Neither do any of us parents have any idea of our own future financial or personal health security, or even just security full-stop, far less any of theirs.

To us, it doesn’t seem much like a world of abundance, as you’ve described it, but far more like a world of scarcity.

Scarcity imposed, by those with views like yours, with presumably no expected shortage of things yourself, as yet.

To me as a lifelong technologist, technology has always been what unlocked scarcity.

That is what has always brought me personally, prosperity.

I don’t expect that to be any different this time.

We even have all the solutions.

All we need to do, is get you to accept them.

And you will, when you start to experience the prospect of real shortages yourself, I believe.




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Frederick Bott

Frederick Bott


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