This is a truly shocking story Umair, I am really glad you wrote about it, as it really needs to be brought out. At around the age of 6, in the late sixties, I used to ask a lot of questions about ww2 that we were being taught about in school, of my older family. Most of them had experienced it, still remembered it, and had come to terms with it. I could not understand how it had ever become acceptable for people in Europe both inside and outside of Germany, to know about mass atrocity and to do nothing about it, or even become involved in it, in the years that eventually led to Germany going to war. They explained how the mass psychology of gradual dehumanisation worked, and I kind of understood. For sure we do need to learn lessons from history. We’ve seen how Fascism took hold the last time around, and where it led to, but we have not seen how to successfully counter it, if we consider avoidance of war being the successful result. Our recent ancestors watched helplessly, until they were drawn into war, and now we are seeing it again. It needs to be dealt with differently this time around. Perhaps a good start would be to educate on the meaning of dehumanisation, how to recognise it and where it is happening, but most importantly, trace it back to what causes it (economics), as we all know where it will otherwise lead.


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