This is a thoroughly engaging story, and pretty good analysis, up until the part that looks like it is predicting the end of our species.

I have more faith in human nature.

I believe we are going through a modern rennaissance of thought, which is leading to a new economy, no longer built on profit, but on sharing wealth derived directly from the energy of the sun, amongst all people.

That might make me crazy or naiive, but when we look at the alternatives, it is clearly our only chance of survival as a species.

We can’t live in a closed box cannibalising one another for ever. At some point, we need to tap into that energy dangling just outside.

Immediately after that is done, profit becomes meaningless, and everything changes.

That event is a discontinuity which is very difficult to model.

I am an optimist, so I believe we will make the right choice.


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