This is a really cool article, thanks for posting. For sure if there is such a thing as a quantum bubble, then it absolutely must be burst.

Now we are becoming aware of an existential limit of how much precious “Space-ship Earth” stored energy resources can be exploited, before the ship starts going down, it is more important than ever to dispense with any flawed scientific theories that might be shackling us into any childish illusions that we are doing things “Right”.

When we read things like the Tesla papers, we see there why Tesla was regarded as an extraordinary thinker, a man who wanted to furnish the Earth with free solar driven power.

But we also can’t help noticing some of the things he was pursuing seem to be at odds with what is accepted, based on quantum theory.

Personally I have never managed to get my head around quantum theory. I’ve always assumed that is due to me not having the required intellect.

Nothing would make me happier than for it to be exposed as a scientific red-herring.

Apparently Einstein spent the latter 30 years of his life trying to overturn the Quantum apple-cart, in vain.

What might he have achieved if he had not been so distracted?

Could people like he, and Tesla, really have been so wrong?

I look forward to developments!


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