This is a lovely story, thanks for posting.

It might be a surprise to hear that household wealth has gone up, until we realise the forces at play.

Profit, or in this case, “Yield”, as you put it, only has meaning if the money we are investing was not free.

We don’t care if we lose free money, because it was free.

So if we’ve invested in stocks, with free money, as you’ve correctly identified has happened, it was not for profit, or yield.

I’ve written much on the real reasons people are investing in stocks, even bankrupt stocks.

It is in my featured story.

Best of all, free money means the end of anyone being under the impression that debt, or investing for yield were ever really necessary.

Better a few thousand years late than never, surely, as they were driving us to destroy all life and the ability of our planet to support it.

Things aren’t going back to “normal”. They never will.

But that is good news, not bad.

Because the normal we thought was normal, wasn’t normal at all, it was a perversion of the laws of nature, which resulted on us feeding on one another, when we should have been working to empower one another, with our man made medium of empowerment; money, like all things in nature do, with the empowerment Medium of nature; sunlight, which is given out for free to all things.

Perhaps we should thank god it is changing.

We definitely should thank nature.


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