Frederick Bott
2 min readJun 26, 2023

This is a hilarious summary of Zuck's Metaverse, fantastic and very true.

I love your general message. Congrats on the honorary doctorate also, you deserve every bit of it I would say.

There is one thing I see you stopping short of, which not very many folk seem willing to discuss, though you get close when you talk about limited liability companies.

This is something that ties us into energy extracted from Earth, it is a quagmire of human understanding, because until now at least, we have all been required and very strongly encouraged to practice it, it is going to be a real bitch to stop - profit.

When we look closely at what it means in terms of energy, we have to admit that actually any and every "Deal" negotiating something in return for something else is a con, it results in an unfair transfer of Joules of physical energy from one party to the other, usually from the party with less, to the party which has more, and when we trace all the energy transferred through any profit driven "Supply Chain", we see it all comes extracted from Earth at source.

Therefore, as we are in necessary process of switching from Earth to sun for our energy source as a species, we are not correctly valuing or monetising the Joules of energy being received from the sun.

This is a massive problem of no less than biblical significance, and the only way out is to start issuing massive stimulus as a kind of solar powered UBI

The inflation we are seeing is actually because of this, but rather than issue the stimulus needed, the powers of authority are doin the opposite, removing even more money (And thus energy) from people's pockets, thus consigning more and more of us to poverty.

I think this is actually the root of the polycrisis you mentioned.

Sorry for sounding inevitabilist!

But I claim the laws of physics and nature is what makes some things inevitable, this isn’t about making profit, it is actually the exact opposite…

Some proof with numbers is here: