This is a cool longer term vision and goal, a further step up the Kardashev scale, from stage one, to stage two.

But first we need to get from stage zero, to stage one.

I think that is a much bigger challenge, as to get there, we have to immediately make the transition from a controlled scarcity economy, to a directed abundance economy.

Currently, we seem to be on a path, where that is either not going to be achieved (extinction), or achieved with maximum pain, due to elitism.

Nothing further can be achieved with profit, I think that is becoming apparent, we are going backwards as a direct result of trying to maintain the profit driven ideology, which has suited elitism throughout history.

The drive for profit, in desperation of attempting to preserve itself, is causing us to look beyond what is needed to fix the profit driven mess we are in, towards fixing something that doesn’t exist yet, because it generates revenue from venture capitalist shareholders, who seek to invest in what they think is the future.

Supplying the power needed by humanity from the energy of the sun (stage one), requires that we first build enough solar infrastructure on Earth to do that, before we can aspire to build significant solar infrastructure in space.

There simply isn’t enough resources on Earth to do otherwise.

To do that, we need to unite humanity behind that common goal, which means we have to get over elitism, and profit, towards free money, and free power, whichever comes first.

Actually, they are the same thing, since the energy of the sun, the currency of nature, is directly interchangeable with human currency, as we are seeing, with the occurrence of solar powered bitcoin generation.


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