This for me started off on slippery footing, the utopian feel there I know from experience of writing my own articles on a similar theme, might shoo-off all but those already converted.

I hope not, as it soon went straight to the heart of where we are, and unpacked much of what probably the vast majority of us are instinctively feeling, describing it in terms of formal philosophies, in a way I doubt many are capable of doing.

Your interpretation of the real message in modern art I found particularly interesting, I would have no idea if it is yours alone until now, my arts education is minimal.

You must be very well educated on that front?

I too arrived at a conclusion of abundance, from a completely different direction, as a long standing Systems Engineer, one might say a former architect contributing to the problematic current system, the one we now see falling down.

I am working on something that might contribute towards the new paradigm. Suffice to say it is high technology applied in a way that has nothing to do with profit, but everything to do with the collective.

It would be cool to get your thoughts on it. I can already see how some of your thinking can be applied towards elaborating some of the concepts in the system design.

I will take some time later to try to contact you, if you will be interested to know more?

Meantime, and in any case, thanks for posting!


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