There is only one energy, it comes from the sun.

Renewable makes no sense in terms of energy, the word seems to have been applied deliberately to hide the truth that sooner or later, we have to take it directly from the source.

So far, it has come to our planet, and we’ve looked for ways to extract it back out at profit and sell it as discrete packages of scarce resource to one another.

It is only possible to do that, when no-one realises it can be had direct from the sun in a way that is unlimited, as it is by solar panels, regardless of efficiency, and without even need for batteries, all that needs to be done is to lay enough panels and link in a worldwide grid, and all is solved.

The problem, in the eyes of those who live for profit (pretty much all of us in known history), is that it destroys all scarcity, so would be the end of profit.

And yet that is the only way to avoid extinction.

Pretty much all other discussion on energy is just a distraction really.

I think 2020 is the year this will be realised and accepted.

It requires the banks to assign all debt to our planet, for the energy taken from it.

That done they can begin issuing further free money to all people on the understanding that all future endeavour is towards implementation of solar power infrastructure.

Then the energy from solar, generating money like Bitcoin, is the only way it can be paid back down.


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