There is no such thing as renewables, energy isn’t renewable, it all comes from the sun.
So there isn’t any point in talking about them, not even negatively.
On clean hydrogen, and electricity, those are both routinely created, and used, from cleanly manufactured solar panels containing no rare elements.
It isn’t any kind of black magic or snake oil that we can capture and use the only real source of energy, the sun, forever, even for better than free when we include cryptocurrency in the solar energy reception chain, the energy from it in the forms of money, electricity, and hydrogen fuel (which burns with zero pollution), can be used to not only maintain and grow its own installation, but also to cleanly fuel all of humanity.
just like a tree in nature grows itself and supplies all of life, including us also from the energy of the sun.
The technology and even the equipment, are out there ready to install.
The only reason people remain etrnally confused about that seems to me to be because of articles like yours,
I am not sure why you seem to not only wish to not see the truth yourself, but also to wish others not to see it either.
Do you get paid in some way?
What is the reward?