There is an element of truth in this story, thanks for posting. I resonated particularly with the first few paragraphs.

But tech itself is not the problem, it is the all-for-profit mentality driving the way we’ve used tech that is the problem.

And it is not pessimism we feel, it is frustration.

Just as tech can be instrumental in the problem, it will absolutely also be instrumental in the solution.

In fact without it, there is no solution.

The most experienced technologists, the ones who have spent more than twenty years of their lives at at it, are needed to help design and build the solution.

To do that, they need to adopt a certain mentality. The mentality of maybe someone like the famed fictitious cartoon Rick, who’s permanent lifestyle also fits your description of being in a “mid-life crisis”.

It sounds like you’ve spent a long time banging on the “Tech is bad” drum, maybe whilst missing that point, so it might be difficult to change your view there.

I hope you can!


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