There are are two points of no Return, in the Energy Crisis.

Analysis, revealing something not many seem to be able to see, as yet.

So we’ve heard from scientists working on the subject, that there is a point of no return in the climate crisis, a point where the net change in average global temperature causes the release of more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, thus preventing all capability of us recovering from our current path towards ever more global warming.

However there is a far more immediate point of no return, not identifiable by only studying the traditionally accepted scientific subjects.

I think we feel this instinctively, all of us, but we can’t put our finger on it, as a species, because we are too deeply immersed in the conditioning of it upon ourselves, a product of the environment we created.

It is to do with economy, the way money works, rather than anything we might currently consider is physical.

I thank who I see is an investor; bigsky generation, for recently likening our predicament as being like we are all on a train, heading off of a cliff.

Their intention expressed there, was to be in the diner of the train, heading off of the cliff.

I asked if they would still feel like booking that seat in the diner, if they knew that the energy required to cook their food in the diner was the same energy needed to brake the train, and no other energy existed on the train, would they still feel like booking that seat?

(I have yet to get an answer, I will include it in a footnote here if it is worth including, if / when it comes)

Long and short of it is, we have a certain amount of value left in our money, which is devaluing as we speak, as a result of it representing only depleting energy, which is the energy of all capital on Earth, all stored energy on Earth.

Now we are taking in solar energy at the rate of tens of GigaJoules per second in every developed country, those Joules being the only kind actually adding to the Joules already on Earth, the thing powering all of nature, and we don’t issue a cent of money on it.

The money we issue is still only issued as debt, which can only translate to promises to extract, and that energy available to extract is depleting, whilst solar energy is offered to us on a plate, no extraction and no pollution from the labor of extraction needed, it has to be the most valuable thing we can imagine, but still not a cent is issued on it.

The markets sense this instinctively I believe, and this is why money has to devalue, until it comes to represent the Joules of energy coming from the sun.

I call money issued as such, “Kardashev Money”. I’ve written more about that in others of my 280 odd stories to date since 2017, they are easily searched out by anyone interested to research.

We saw the effects of what I would define as Kardashev Money on one occasion previously, when oil prices went negative.

Folk had the opportunity then, to use free money to express their wishes in markets despite the wishes of traditional profit driven inverstors, giving us a glimpse of pure, fine-grained democracy in action.

Oil prices went negative, and the environment showed the only positive spike of recovery, ever.

Right there, we saw how to provide massive thrust, in reverse of the momentum taking us over the edge of the cliff, on the bigsky train.

When we did that, money had a certain value. As explained, that value is decreasing, with every disillusionment of the value of money we are experiencing. This is the thing we call inflation.

At some point, our money will deflate to a point where we can no longer issue enough of it, to implement the required solar energy infrastructure, which those of us with enough technical knowledge can see is absolutely possible, backed by the technology of hydrogen fuel and 24/7 backup via fuel cells.

We’ve seen what is possible in solar implementation by the example of Vietnam, they no longer technically need a grid, achieving more than 8 times what their grid required from nothing in only around 18 months. The only thing preventing them now moving on to complete energy security is their lack of technical knowledge of hydrogen backup, but more fundamentally, their government being influenced by grid owning profit driven companies, pressuring them to order the dismantling of solar infrastructure, rather than stepping up, and issuing the solar farms with the money and knowledge needed to convert their installations to fully sustainable points of hydrogen fuel generation which could sustain their entire economy.

But more to the point of this story; we’ve seen what happens when the point of no return that I wish to highlight here is passed.

It happened in Sri Lanka, when they found themselves with no energy, their money had already devalued, as a result of their greedy government investing in only what they saw might benefit them personally, with the result that now their country has no capability of implementing the solar energy they need to gain energy security for all people in their country, despite their country being in an ideal place, to gain from the sun. Their government is now “begging for help” from international communities. We can read the stories all about their experiences there by, who comes from there, and writes with brilliant aplomb on the subject, in my opinion.

The point of no return, is the point at which we no longer have the value in our money, to bootstrap our way to energy security by implementation of sufficient solar energy to rescue our economy, and our country.

We might think the UK, or the US, or any other country in the West is immune from this, that the historical values of the Dollar, Pound, or Euro, or whatever will hold out long enough, but how many times do you think we can “Donate” billions of dollars in cash and weapons to things like the war in Ukraine, before the money sent there is devalued to nothing?

Is that war really not just greedy oligarchical governments blowing money that they think will look after their own personal interests?

Do we really want to be reduced to begging to “the other side”, for money when the shit hits the fan?



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