The World is Less Valuable

Personal Experience, Coupled with Some Communications Theory

I’ve spent now six years writing incessantly in Medium, using my 20 odd years of formal Systems Engineering Experience, documenting my own research and findings on the global energy problem which I’ve seen coming since 2017 whilst working on a PhD candidate program.

That research has resulted in a technical solution becoming clear, one that we are probably adopting in any case, driven by nature because it is the only survivable outcome.

The solution is domestic and community solar hydrogen.

It doesn’t involve grids. It doesn’t involve batteries for the main bulk of storage. It doesn’t involve banks, other than as needed to issue continuous stimulus. It doesn’t involve a “Renewables” industry. It doesn’t involve everyone continuing to work for bosses because their lives depend on it. It doesn’t involve wars. It doesn’t involve fossil fuels. It doesn’t involve any kind of forced degrowth, but the opposite; Sustainable growth, as sustainable as the growth of any plant in nature, fact the same growth as all plants in nature, and the same growth as experienced by any after being born.

It provides fuel for all transportation including leisure aerospace. It has a side effect of creation, cleaning, adding product to Earth, instead of the opposite, which we have done for thousands of years.

It can be had instantly, and we even saw it demonstrated, when 4tn per month stimulus was issued, we saw the only spike of positive recovery ever, and a market freed of the drive for profit in which all people participated, experiencing the only ever taste of pure fine grained democracy, ever.

We saw also in that time how all companies still offering valuable product can be brought into public ownership, by public purchase of their bankrupt shares, with money issued as bulk stimulus.

I’ve shown how humanity functioning like this is a machine, which has taken thousands of years to create, only switched on when bulk stimulus is issued.

I’ve shown this is achievable and fully understood by mathematically signing energy, which arguably should have been done by science all along.

Mathematically positive, for source energy which adds to Earth. Mathematically negative, for energy taken from Earth.

Is this information valuable? Yes if we believe a survivable, fully sustainable world in which all people can have real wealth, is what we really want.

That is the world we can have by choosing mathematically positive energy.

No, if we would prefer to just keep profiting the world to death.

Profit is mutually dependent on mathematically negative energy. Practice of one dictates use of the other.

My own choice is obvously positive energy.

But I acknowledge there appears insurmountable forces driving towards the negative.

Those forces, if continued to conclusion will result in ending the world we know in a much shorter time than anyone can predict, the effects of it are a hyperobject with an infinity of outcomes, any and all of which will end us.

Those same forces appear intent on silencing me, and anyone with similar non profit message.

Everyone driven by profit has the same systemic effect of destroying the planet, and cancelling or culling all who might stand in the way.

All history indicating this is wiped out by the same forces, it covers up its own tracks automatically.

Humans could not have been more effectively programed to destroy our world, than just being programed for profit, no more.

The world as stands, with this problem unsolved other than in my and a few other’s heads, is not very valuable at all.

It is terminally ill.

Mass death of humanity and all living things is already well underway, with new diseases, poisoning of the environment, flooding and environmental disaster, topped off by a final nuclear war, all crowding in.

The effect of social media in all of this, appears to have been to assign all to social bubbles, each with its own opinion of good and bad.

The network which was the internet is now tied up by profit driven companies strangling freedom of speech, relegating everyone to bubbles in which they can see no encouragement for any argument other than how to make profit, regardless of the outcomes on the greater good.

I’ve shown how physical clustering works, to shape communications architecture which has this social bubbling effect built-in.

Metcalfe’s law is an increadibly useful instrument, to estimate the value of any collective.

The value of the collective is increased by greater connectivity between successive members.

The law states that the value is proportional to the square of the number of connected members, multiplied by a utility constant. Effectiveness of connectivity is included within the utility constant.

Cancellation, silencing, shadow banning, sickening and killing folk, are all means of reducing the numbers of members connected together. The profit driven system is behind every single example of this that we can imagine.

Elon and Kanye. Does each wish to profit by the other, regardless of the expense to the other? Of course they do.

Mathematically negative energy, is at the root of it all.

Is the world less valuable for effectively silencing this right now?

Medium is a profit driven platform, and it shows. More than ever, it seems to me right now.

My search function now disappears, interchangeably with my notfications function. This appears to have happened as a result of accumulated tracking cookies on the browsers I use to deliberately preserve my writing history in order that I can reference it, building up to something now breaking the functionality of the browser.

Those are not all Medium cookies. But they are all cookies from companies existing for profit, all working together, to break things.

In my Medium Android app, I open and am presented with the same stories over and over, all of them out of date. I uninstall the app, and reinstall, and still the same stories are presented, until seemingly I read them, then they are replaced with further outdated stories.

This, is me being disconnected from reality.

For a while, I was happy to read the more interesting news stories of the World, mostly in Medium.

Now I see no News stories in Medium at all, just old news, or fake news, or both, in my “For you” feed.

So I have to resort again to using various means at my disposal like VPN etc, to search out news deemed as “Forbidden”. Only a few minutes of that actual self-evident, sane news, is enough to expose the insane nonsense we are presented as news in our mainstream sources “In the West”.

The same forces are trying to break our planet, and currently, they are winning.

I have a thousand or so followers, all of whom I am grateful to, for being there, part of what I would call my community in Medium.

It has been at this level for a few years now, languishing compared with writers who are in Medium necessarily to make profit, who can have 30K, 60K, 100K+ followers.

Yet my information is how to fix the planet.

How to get awareness of it pushed up, is the challenge.

My job is to dig out the information. It takes all of my time and effort to do that. I have nothing left for the propagation of it.

Medium is not helping.

The world is a less valuable place, until the platforms can sort themselves out, by moving to mathematically positive energy.

I’ve shown how platforms, and governments, and actually any organisation can become something with the ability to contribute energy to all needing it, as kinds of UBI.

Medium needs to become solar hydrogen powered, in order to reverse the state of removing energy from all members (Bar a few very priveliged), to one of contributing energy to all members.

Medium can contact me in the comments here, if technical help is needed to do that.

Medium can help the world become a much more valuable place.

But whilst Medium, and all platforms are still powered by mathematically negative energy, they are doing the opposite of adding value to the world, unfortunately, devaluing the world instead.

No doubt I will be further shadow banned by this article.

But still it has to be said, so I will keep saying it until all ability to say it is removed from me, one way or another.



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