The whole of humanity could be the real Truman show.

I love the Truman show.

My daughter loves it too.

Such thought provoking stuff.

What if humanity itself is the real Truman?

What if we really are under surveillance as a species, for the digest, or even entertainment of a higher order “Society” out there?

The Truman show itself could have been a tantalising clue.

“It’s all about you, humans!”

Would we even realise the grand conspiracy before destroying our home, our planet?

Seems unlikely, as long as we manage to deny all possibilities of any kind of higher intelligence than humans, I think.

Yet we were built to worship, and worship we absolutely do.

We worship wealth, money, and power.

We worship energy, the thing underlying all material wealth.

Trouble is, all of it to date has come from below, not above.

And if we take too much from below, it starts to run out, and we get all burned up.

Time we started looking up, like we were advised by all of the usual religions, not down.