The strongest technical solutions will survive. The exponential price rises we saw just before the market leaders Bitcoin and Ethereum hit the wall of limited scaleability were not a fluke, that was actually Metcalfe’s law in action. When they hit the wall, their utility took a big step down, and the network value dropped. Again all conforms to Metcalfe’s law. It is Blockchain which hit that wall. Masked in amongst that melee, are non-blockchain cryptos with no scaling limitations. In those, the utility co-efficient is unchanged. When this is realised, the prices of those will rebound, way beyond any seen previously, because the mean value over time still has to follow Metcalfe’s law. Ironically, I do not have assets to commit, but for sure if I had, I know where they would be. Clue: Not blockchain, but decentralised crypto-currency nonetheless, built for the machine economy. Look for the one that is scaleable to literally hundreds of billions of users… and things.


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