The Scarcity Controller

Hey psst, look what I have here, isn’t that cute? Would you like some?

No problem, just sign here.

Now you can be just like me.

Make sure you sell it well, and we’ll all be just fine.

And for god’s sake don’t give any away, or we’re all done.


What do you mean you can’t honour our agreement, of course you can, you still have your body, don’t you?

Get down on your knees, slave!

That isn’t enough, slave, do you have any kids, or maybe a wife, or husband?

Well I got news for ya, they are not your concern any longer.

Now, I have your nearest and dearest, got any neighbours? Any friends?


Soon, we’ll have the world’s population.

That isn’t enough, slave, you still have a planet, don’t you?

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