The Real Reason We Don’t Know Anything About Ancient Civilisations

Fake News and Censorship — A Sign of the Times

We can’t have failed to notice that now, in the run-up to planetary disaster, our view of it is progressively being obscured by fake news, misinformation, propaganda, and censorship.

On the one hand we have a looming global war, which could and might end in nuclear annihilation of all life.

On the other, we have exponential rising temperature which has come about as a result of vastly increased atmospheric C02, due to our incessant use of fossil fuels.

Either or both could end us, but put the two together, and well… we are history already, if we don’t take care to do the right thing.

In my stories, I’ve identified the way out, it seems so simple in hindsight to me now, but I admit it has taken years for me to convert my thinking, from the old to the new.

In the simplest of terms, we, as a species, are disconnected from the only actual source of energy, the sun, which powers all other life in nature, and yet we are a very power hungry species, so we extract it from Earth, and Earth is now screaming.

And yet the disaster can be avoided, if we act appropriately.

But how can we know what to do, if we can’t clearly see the problem, and how to navigate around it?

The problem appears biblical, no less, it has to be said.

We were warned in pretty much all religious scripts and folklore, the dangers of various “Sins”, including greed, which seems to be at the heart of the problem.

We handle all money and wealth as capital, whilst not realising that what we are dealing with is energy in the form of capital, and that we can have all the the energy we ever needed without the capital, from the sun.

We might see there is some capital needed, to initially set up the solar energy collection infrastructure needed, but after that setup, it is entirely maintainable and infinitely scaleable, from solar power alone.

Now, about ancient civilisations, we know there were advanced technologies in the past, perhaps even including everything we have now, and more, including even space tech, with implications on our own genetic origins, and the folklore of gods.

We know that profit-driven science has its own reasons for seeing that as some inconvenient truths, since science works by the capitalisation of information, how could it lay claim to even a fraction of the “Intellectual Property” it claims, and on which every scientist is paid?

So in the end we see science has a very fat streak of Bullshit Industry within it, where we can’t trust it, as that part is driven by profit.

And now we are seeing the very destructive inhuman Bullshit Industry of War kicking off in Europe, threatening the entire world, again, with seemingly no end to the amount of misinformation and propaganda being generated from all sides.

The lies being told to us beggar belief, it has to be said.

I’ve spent the last five years or so using all of my Systems Engineering skills and experience trying to convince folk in Medium that there is a better way to do things, than profit, but it has largely been in vain, I feel.

And now we seem to be facing disaster one way or the other, I can’t help thinking that what we are seeing, is the evidence of why we really don’t know much about ancient civilisations, the real reason we never found out how to reconnect to those ancient technologies.

Profit, is the monster that can only be beaten by the energy of the sun, it seems to me. Capital, makes profit possible. Destroy capital, and profit is destroyed, and then all gateways open.

With no possibility of profit there is no reason to lie, and thus no reason to censor… and no reason to fight, or kill one another.

I’ve shown in the “Kardashev Money”, and “The Money-fuel Tree” stories systems that destroy capital. Understanding those makes us realise that connecting to the sun is the only way out. But we also understand that by doing so, we will be physically removing capital, and therefore also profit, from most situations.

So what are the capitalist Oligarchs trying to achieve, by putting us to war with one another?

I believe they know this energy problem, but the only way they can retain control, is by retaining capital, and therefore the power to enforce scarcity.

Without that, they are nobody.

But they know there is not enough capital energy to sustain their followings, and all of the followings of the world, so there is a deliberate cull going on, to cut down the population to something they think might be sustainable.

Hence the reason behind the Bullshit industry of “Renewables”, and the constant misinformation that we have to downscale.

But we know nothing is sustainable, if not connected to the actual source of energy, so their efforts to retain political power, of a now decreasing pool of population, is also ultimately unsustainable.

Our species, and probably all of life, will expire, if we do not connect to the sun.

Now I think this was known, by at least one ancient civilisation, namely the Egyptians, who worshiped their sun-god Ra.

But imagine, the plight of a civilisation, which had long gotten rid of all of the ideas of profit, misinformation, and war, if it came up against another race or species, which still had profit, and war as its central philosophy.

It would be annihilation.

Afterwards, the profit driven “Victors” would be very skeptical of the civilisation(s) they’d just wiped out, as we’ve seen, we deliberately bury, lie, and cover over all of the tracks of our inhumanity, as it doesn’t go down well in democracy, we tend not to vote for folk we really see as evil.

But further, if a civilisation itself is profit driven, we see that it is not possible for that civilisation to connect to the sun, because the only way it knows to operate is by profit, which requires capital, which requires that we are not connected to the actual live source of energy, the sun.

So here we are.

What next?

Another civilisation one day, long after we are gone?

What will they make of the fragments of misinformation and propaganda we leave behind?

Will they make any sense of it at all?



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