The real reason Mr Trump will be remembered in History as doing something incredibly good.

The renegade president did something really remarkable.

Regardless of his motives, or his intention, he showed us the value of free money.

That is probably the reason he is most hated by the elite. Wittingly, or unwittingly, he committed the ultimate sin of exposing the fact that scarcity is no longer necessary, but a tool still used by elitism, to preserve elitism.

When massive stimulus was issued, in the earlier months of the pandemic, we saw the value of the dollar go up, not down.

We also saw oil prices go negative for the first time in history, and we saw a real spike of recovery in the environment.

We saw bankrupt company stocks soaring, with the law quickly changed to allow that.

A new breed of investor was introduced to markets, ordinary people, “trading” with free money.

In other words, donating, rather than investing.

For a brief moment, we saw a donation based economy, in contrast to the profit driven economy that always existed before.

The secret came out, that scarcity is no longer necessary.

That had massive positive consequences for the world.

A new world economy of infinite abundance had arrived.

It is driven by the infinite wealth of the sun.

He will always be remembered as the person who showed us the very first glimpse of it.


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