The real Ponzi is an energy Ponzi.

The link between energy and economy needs to be completely fleshed out, to be able to see it.

All things capital were created with live energy from the sun, the Earth is capital, every diamond, piece of gold, barrel of oil, kilowatt-hour, piece of land, building, in fact anything that can be represented as a number in an account.

And we are consuming it using that deadly zero-sum game of capital, profit, colonialism, scarcity enforcement, slavery, etc etc.

That, is the Ponzi which is physically unsustainable.

That is the reason we are starting to see our planet literally burn.

The broken link was always between our economy, and the sun.

Our debt as a species is an energy debt to our planet.

The only way it can be paid back down is by applying solar power effectively.

A good start is to monetise it, which is what Bitcoin and the proof of work token mining algorithms are doing.

Those tokens, now substantially created from the energy of the sun are being exchanged for money as debt (fiat).

So it isn’t a zero sum game any longer.

Inflation only means something if our income can’t keep up with it, but if our income inflates with our outgoings, then who cares about inflation?

Only investors, still tied up in the old mindset of using capital as a weapon in the old zero-sum game, it seems.

The reason cash issued as stimulus goes up in value at the time of issue, not down, is that wealth from the sun is now being pumped in through the back door of the economy, and much needed cash by folks no longer able to earn enough, is appreciated, most useful at the time of spending.

The power of the sun is absolutely capable of sustaining whatever demands we put on it, to generate more of those valuable tokens, as many as we could possibly want, to do all the things we want to do.

It is not money that is losing meaning, it is capital losing meaning, and that is a very good thing.

The Grand Energy Ponzi is finally broken.


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