Adapted by yours truly from an image from dreamstime, who seem to claim ownership of it, naming it as depicting king, despite it being obviously the queen (with a crown), not king (which would have a cross).

The Queen is Gone

Does this mean anything, in the game of chess we are trying to play against nature?

I’ve often likened the energy predicament we are in, to a game of chess with nature.

For the past few years, since we started to see inflation take off, nature has been at check in this chess game, with one move to mate, it seems to me.

By all of my analyses, tracing all of the implications of the energy problem to all things using the techniques of formal systems Engineering, a basic law of nature has become clear:

Nature is the Grand Authority. Her currency is energy. The only issuer and enforcer of it is the sun. We either use it, or we burn.

Conforming to this law, means we have to issue our currency reflecting that currency of nature. We have to do it authentically and honestly, otherwise our money devalues in markets, because as the solar energy put to practical use scales up in the background, the money we issue only as debt can only reflect promises to do the labor of extraction, none of which is required by the Joules of energy we receive exclusively donated from the sun. Therefore, our money representing only energy extracted from Earth, which is depleting, whilst solar energy put to use necessarily scales up, moneyis increasingly becoming less representative of the actual growing thing of value, that pile of solar Joules we are putting to use in our economy, now tens of GigaJoules per second, every day.

Only Joules from the external source of raw energy powering all of life on Earth, are actually added to Earth. All other Joules we might get from extraction, are not added to Earth at all, but subtracted. When we destroy something of nature to obtain energy from it, we subtract joules of energy from things on Earth created by nature.

Obviously that is unsustainable.

Nature, is inflating our currency, which has to eventually result in us finally accepting solar is the only sustainable source of physical energy. Our acceptance of it has to be confirmed by our issue of free money reflecting it. That done, we will at least recover the “buying power” of our currency, and then we can get on with doing what we were always meant to do, creating and adding value to Earth, using the currency of nature, which is energy.

But notice there is a point of no return in all of this, a point beyond which our currency will have devalued to the extent we can no longer even fund the solar infrastructure needed to bootstrap our economy to recovery, thus we could completely lose the opportunity to assure our energy security by implementation of the required solar collection with 24/7 hydrogen generation and backup.

We saw that happen already in Sri Lanka.

Are we ready to follow suit, or will we do things differently?

Our Queen seems indeed to be about gone, in this game of chess we are playing with nature, leaving only our king, unprotected.

Nature will soon be no longer at check, with one move to mate at all, but actually at mate. The game will soon be over, if we do not step up with no further delay, and issue the money needed, for us to at least conform with her basic energy law.

In effect, we will have lost the game, without even being allowed to concede.

We will have no moves left, if we wait until money crashes to a point we don’t even have enough to implement countrywide community solar hydrogen sufficient to continue feeding our energy requirements.



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