The “Profit Orgasm”

Identification / Characterisation / Definition

Frederick Bott
2 min readFeb 2, 2023

These profits increased considerably, during covid.

Every business involved in “fixing” or managing the covid problem made massive increases in profits.

Big pharma profits depend more on managing illnesses over long periods of time, rather than fixing them. We all know this now, but still do nothing about it.

The profits of “defence” companies also don’t need much examination to know they also are up, since the onset of war in Ukraine.

What do these profits have in common?

Death, widespread death.

I’ve already explained the linkage between money issued as debt, which is essential to profit, and energy by extraction, which destroys the planet.

I call everything based on that bullshit business, or bullshit industry (Extending the bullshit jobs terminology of David Graeber)

We see also some new startups have found another way to profit, by investor funds, this thing called GeoEngineering, sold by investor summary written by none other than the GPT3 chatbot, something itself designed pretty much for profit. GeoEngineering is a kind of planetary destructive testing, a little like Russian Roulette, but with the planet at stake:

When we look at the trends of these profits, we might notice it starts to ring a familiar “bell”.

Like an orgasm.

It builds and waxes, then builds again, each time, getting closer to a grand crescendo.

Each time, more death is involved.

What is the final conclusion?

The death of all life on Earth.

That would be the final, one-off orgasm of profit.

It would happen with the death of the planet and all life on it.

Are we going to let it get that far?

I hope and trust not.

We even have proof now that it is unnecessary. The same proof applies all around the world:

But when will it be recognised and accepted by the sociopaths in power around the world?

Will this even happen before the profit orgasm?

Who knows?