The profit monster could easily have eaten up lost technologies, and silenced our voices since, just as it ate Nikola Tesla, and our interplanetary and supersonic mobilities in recent history, and now is trying to swallow Huawei, 5G, and our internet, and our very life expectancy, whilst silencing our voices.

Elon is doing a great job reusing those old rockets, as long as he still can, but it is hardly progress.

Just look how it silences our voices. Now we need to speak in riddles and memes to be heard, just like the ancient religious texts.

At least now, maybe because of the internet, we are seeing it at last, but what if the internet is eaten?

That is why we really need to push for the antidote of the profit monster without further delay.


Never ending stimulus, is what we need, the same kind as comes from the sun.

Thats why it doesn’t cost a thing, and why we can reasonably demand it.

Why wait another minute.

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