The Problem with Covid Vaccines

Non-profit critical thinking, on the subject of Covid Vaccines

Frederick Bott
2 min readDec 3, 2020


“Vaccine Protectionism”

Does that term appear like a red flag to you?

If not, it should, in my humble opinion.

We can’t fail to realise that the ideal outcome of a profit driven vaccine is the same as that of any other profit driven drug.

Rather than cure the illness, it is more profitable to manage it.

I watched my own mother’s “Mental illness” being managed throughout her life in my fifty odd years memory of it, by just such drugs.

The US lost nearly 71,000 lives last year due to overdose. Most of those were due to prescription drugs.

Now, imagine, a drug that the majority of people need to survive in the future.

A covid vaccine.

Is there anything with more perceived capability of making profit?

Being forced by circumstance, or design, to take something like it, when there is a perfectly simple alternative of paying everyone sufficient stimulus to lockdown, is nothing short of a gigantic dystopian protection racket.

In the past, we defined protection rackets as common gangsterism.

A crime.

Why is it any different now?

Why not just pay everyone to behave themselves and lock-down for proper, like was done in China, to completely eliminate the disease?

It is not that we can’t afford free money at all.

Actually, we can’t afford not to have it.