The Problem of Trolling in Medium

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it can be very damaging to the platform.

This evening I had the very unpleasant experience of coming under an attack in Medium, from what I can only conclude must have been a troll.

I had chosen to respond to a comment on a slightly sticky subject, porn.

Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. It is way off my usual subject I choose to write about in Medium, and seems relatively trivial. But it is something we all have some exposure to, therefore all points of view are valid, no?

I personally think it has its place, and judging from what I know of other folks thoughts on it, I am not unusual.

The poster was publicising a claimed petition which had half a million signatures on it, advocating the shutdown of Pornhub, claiming that the site is instrumental in exploitation of kids.

I responded with all the usual arguments, that law enforcement agencies probably use it all the time, to catch the monsters, one of whom had so been caught, that she mentioned in her argument, and how the perpetrators of such crimes always existed, and would probably just go underground if that media platform was removed.

She responded almost instantly, claiming that I had “outed myself”, as a child molester, as I was trying to defend the platform.


I guess when she read my post, she had one single aim, “Is he defending it or not?”.

When she had read enough to establish to her own satisfaction that I was, then I guess she then immediately wrote her filthy accusation and hit the publish button.

Oh, and also said she’d blocked me.

That filthy accusation is obviously something she sees as a weapon, to win her argument. Not by arguing reasonably the pros and cons, but by publicly hurling a filthy, worse-than-criminal accusation at me, then hoping I would just disappear quietly, smarting, presumably.

Well lady, if you are reading this, you can see I haven’t.

Because as an innocent, genuine respondee, a father, a man, and with real varied experience of life in this world that you have no idea of, or interest in, far less any knowledge of the unspeakable crime you are accusing of, your accusation sickens me to the bone, and that makes it actually you who is the filthy, dirty, lesser even than criminal.

I know enough of life to know what criminal means, and even criminals are deadly offended by such accusations.

In my case, it won’t stop me from engaging in sticky discussions if I think I might have some valuable experience and insights to offer.

But it strikes me that these kinds of accusations, if allowed in Medium, serve only to remove sensible discussion, thus removing justice itself from having any part in the outcome.

That is how gangsters, and people like Trump operate.


People thinking they are advocating for moderation wielding instruments of fear are actually themselves the very same thing that they accuse others of.

Are we going to let them win, even in Medium?


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